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  • Ukulele lessons also available
Brian Exton Guitar Lessons

My name is Brian and I'm a highly qualified music teacher providing professional guitar tuition. Lessons take place at my home based music studio in Ryde where you will discover everything you need to become an accomplished guitarist.

Acoustic guitar

Do you want to get good at playing music on the electric or acoustic guitar but don't know where to start, getting frustrated teaching yourself or a player strugglling to make further progress? Take lessons and your musical techniques will rapidly increase. Whether you would like to reach advanced level, play in a band, learn a new guitar style, create your own music, play popular songs you enjoy, use the guitar in modern computer based recording and music-making, entertain others or just take-up a creative new hobby for casual enjoyment, expert tuition will guide you in the right direction and give you the guitar skills to last you a lifetime.

I have been successfully teaching the guitar from home and in places of education for more than 20 years and offer some of the most experienced tuition available. I also have experience playing in bands and performing solo acoustic guitar music. Unlike lessons only focusing on chord strumming, I teach all the musical aspects and skills that will help you become a better and more creative guitarist. Step-by-step you will get to explore both finger-style and plectrum methods, chords, triads, rhythm, lead, chord progressions, melody, harmony, riffs, timing, scales, dynamics, correct finger positions, creative new ideas and how to enhance your guitar playing using special effects.

Some instruments are best suited to just one or two musical styles although you can play any style on the guitar including Rock, Blues, Pop, Soul, Metal, Rock'n'roll, Alternative,Traditional, Folk, Jazz, Gospel, Country, Progressive, Classical, Spanish and more. No matter what your age, ability or taste of music, if you want to achieve the best possible results and make your guitar playing sound impressive, don't miss getting professional forward-looking tuition. I also teach ukulele, notation, tablature, theory, composition and all the requirements needed to play guitar in a band or musical group.

Guitar lessons for all ages and musical interests

Isle of Wight

Beginner to advanced level

Playing music is one of life's most creative pleasures and never too late to start. It brings peace of mind, a sense of achievement and benefits overall well-being.

To book your first guitar lesson or just ask for further details, please feel free to send me an email, text or give me a call.

  • Tel - 01983 564970
  • Mobile - 07500965404


Brian is very patient and an exceptional guitarist. It`s a pleasure getting lessons from him and to hear him play. Dave

With Brian’s help I’m always eager to learn new skills. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for guitar lessons. Hanna.

I've had lessons with a few guitar teachers in the past and Brian is by far the best. Becky

Brian inspires me everytime I hear him play. He is an amazing guitarist. Chris

If you live on the Island and want to play the guitar, take lessons with Brian. He is friendly, a great guitarist and an excellent teacher. Simon

Brian is an awesome guitarist and makes learning the guitar a pleasure. Jane

Since getting tuition from Brian I have learnt more in a month than I did in a year trying to teach myself. Jason

I have recently retired so took up playing acoustic guitar for a new hobby. I'm delighted with the progress I have made since starting lessons with Brian. Ian

I have been getting guitar tution from Brian for about 8 months. My playing has quickly improved and I enjoy every lesson. Liam


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