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Spiritual Mystical Psychedelic and Fantasy Art

Art of Love

Posters canvas prints framed prints greetings cards photo prints all over printed t-shirts and prints on metal

Created by UK digital artist Brian Exton and expertly produced as best quality posters and prints by Redbubble

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Posters canvas prints framed prints greetings cards photographic prints and prints on metal

If you're looking for something creative and visually exciting to brighten up your home, office or business space, here you'll find the perfect solution.

View and buy my art as one-of-a-kind posters, canvas prints, metal prints, greetings cards, framed prints, photographic prints or canvas prints and give your rooms a stunning effect.

The prints on offer from Redbuuble are expertly produced to a very high standard and come with a full money back guarantee.


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Get your own photos transformed into pieces of art

If you are interested in having your own photos incorporated into a piece of artwork, please contact me for more information.


Get these new and unique all over high quality printed cotton T-shirts

These all over hand sewn printed cotton T-shirts are produced in Holland and look amazing as the print completely covers the T-shirts on both sides. This enables completely new stunning T-shirt designs never seen before. Available for men and woman in a range of sizes.

Art for your computer

All the art in my Redbubble store is available as high quality royalty free pictures that can be sent direct to your computer by email. Ideal for making easy to frame photo quality prints, CD cover art, greetings cards, t-shirt prints, flyers, Facebook covers and creative picture gifts. Please contact me if you are interested in this option.



Card Payments

Other websites is the registered trading name for Brian Exton Art. Retailing posters, art prints, canvas art and royalty free picture reproductions.

Brian Exton Art

If you wish to sell or use my art, please contact me for further detais.



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