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The best art courses around the UK

If you are creative and looking for something different on your CV to make you stand out from the crowd, why not explore some of the best art courses in the UK? The UK is home to some of the greatest universities, offering some of the most rewarding art courses in the world.
A great art course is one that challenges the mind in more ways than one. It seeks to find the balance between practical and academic work, to allow the student to learn with a wider focus.
There are courses available for people at all different levels, whether you are a beginner to the world of art, or already an upcoming or accomplished artist. Results from learning institutions in the UK speak for themselves - Brunel University was named by the Telegraph as the top university in the UK for artists, reporting that, on average, 75% of students find work within 6 months of completing their course.
At undergraduate level, there is a wide variety of entry requirements - one example being the University of Dundee, who ask for any art and design subject at grade B, and any other appropriate literary subject, also at grade B.
If applying for a postgraduate course, most entry requirements are for an upper second-class degree or higher. However, the main concern for international students would be the IELTS course, which is a UK government approved English language course that can be used to prove your ability to speak the English language.
Through the EUSA Academic Internship Programs, you will be able to gain qualifications in a new country. To learn more about the EUSA study abroad programs, you can click on the link to watch videos of people who have already experienced studying abroad.
The advantage of studying an art course in the UK is your accessibility to the art and culture that surrounds you, no matter where you are. Public transport between all the British countries is frequent and easy to use. Furthermore, the ease of travel to different European countries means that you will be able to explore places rich with art, such as Italy and France, in your free time.
For artists with a bit more experience there are the Art in Action courses, which cover subjects such as stone carving, mindfulness drawing and working from the figure. Many successful artists such as Jeffrey Courtney, who studied at the Hornsey College of Art and the Royal Academy in London, teach these courses. He has since worked full time as a successful artist. Through these courses you have the chance to learn from the best to improve your skills. With a wide variety of courses they leave no subject untouched.
By exploring what the EUSA Academic Internship Programs have to offer you will be expanding your horizons and perhaps be on your way to becoming successful in the arts. With hundreds of well-respected art courses you will be able to gain the experience and qualifications you need for your future career.